Saturday, August 15, 2009

this little fantasy that i call life is so"GENERIC," I'm surrounded in this bubble that will never do i escape? Looking for a path but,I DON'T KNOW WHICH WAY??? Trying to pinch myself for some type of Realistic Reaction! MY DAYS ALL SEEM THE continuous cycle of emptiness my days seem GRAY and my nites seem DARKER! And I don't wan2 complain....GOD knows i don't, but sometimes you just have "ONE OF THEM DAYS!" IF I ERASE THE HURT/PAIN I PROBABLY WOULD GET OVER THE FACT THAT ITS BEEN 3 YRS SINCE I'VE BEEN HERE...STOP PUNISHING YOURSELF GURL. To live life in the eyes of the BEHOLDER....each year im getting OLDER and im missing out of WHAT LIFE IS ABOUT! I am no type or specific BREED,I try to live life one minute at a time and that's my CREED! One of the one things that make me HAPPY is HE and HE is to busy to be with SHE,and SHE is OK with that because that is my vein, a peace of me that never fades away! I just WISH THAT HE could understand SHE so he would be more at EASE! When I slumber into LALA LAND, I hope that one day life will UNDERSTAND! I am desperate to be fulfilled,desperate to be healed,desperate to feel,desperate for that thrill! My life is SO GENERIC,and I will NEVER forget "IT!"